Dobogoko, the heart chakra of the world 

I heard so much stories about this place. I have been here a few times already. Dobogoko is a holiday village 25 km from Budapest to North-West. The name comes from Visegrádi Mountain’s and Danube-bend’s highest point, Dobogo-ko, at 633 m and has 133 inhabitants. 
You can come here to walk, hike, ski or just have lunch at one of the cosy restaurant. However there’s another reason people visit this place. You can find here the pulsating rock. Here in Dobogoko, in the Pilis hills is where the Heart chakra of the world. If you manage to fly over this area, you will see the Danube’s tributaries weave their heart-shaped way around the Pilis hills.

People coming here to meditate, to find themselves or each other. When I was here a week ago I have found yurts where you can stay for a night or more completely away from modernisation and stressed filled life.    


Beautiful scenery and peace in your heart that you can find here. Take a chance.  




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